America’s Oldest Orthodox Monastery

St. Tikhon’s has been serving the Divine Liturgy ever since its founding by St. Tikhon, Patriarch of Moscow, in 1905. His vision was to create a center for ALL Orthodox to find a home in this new world, and to share the “light to enlighten the gentiles.”

St. Tikhon’s has been shining its light for Orthodox and non-Orthodox alike for 115 years. But the resources the fathers and brothers use to support the faithful and to pray for the souls of our loved ones —both of the living and the departed—every day come from their visitors and supporters.

Be part of this 115 years of shining light. Support St. Tikhon’s Monastery today! 


Your donation allows us to in turn support the faithful throughout North America, monastics, clergy, laity, and missionaries, both here at St. Tikhon’s—a rock to which many cling—and around the Orthodox world.


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In the tradtition of monastic service, St. Tikhon's  offers prayers for both the living and the departed.  While we dearly appreciate any financial donation you would like to offer, there is no charge for this important service to the Church.